‘Take It to SCOTUS’ DOJ Precedent Shows ‘Rogue’ Mueller Cannot Indict Pres Trump 📺

Everything you heard explained here by Mark Levin can be summed up simply that
What Mark Levin did here on Fox for now the third time is spell out facts, which to the media is like sunlight to vampires. Mueller’s investigation is illegal, a crime was never defined.

In other words what Levin just said is that everything the Left is doing against Pres Trump cannot be done. If Mueller and co try to go after Trump violating the law it will end up before SCOTUS and they will lose badly.  understand this, you are literally witnessing a SOFT COUP against Donald Trump. The Left is playing a very dangerous game that will not end well for them if they do not stop this.

They say Mueller is an honorable man, citing his service, including when he was in the military. No he is not because he knows everything Levin just spelled out that he cannot indict a sitting President; you can bank on that. Just because the man served in war doesn’t give him free rein to be a jerk and abuse the rule of law. Frankly, it’s quite shameful for one to use their service or someone bring it up in that way.

This witch hunt needs to come to an end. And one last thing: If by some act of God dems were able to impeach Trump, for breathing at this point, who said he will leave office!? Bill Clinton was impeached and remained in office. Dems need to accept Trump is POTUS, he’s not leaving no matter what they do.

FYI here are the Senate Republican TURNCOATS who chose to ignore the Constitution and vote in favor of a bill that protects Mueller:
Chuck Grassley, Lindsey Graham, Thom Tillis and Jeff Flake