Dem Congressman Wants to “Treat Assault Weapons the Same We Treat Machine Guns” ๐Ÿ“บ

Gun grabbers are coming out of the woodwork looking for every angle possible to disarm the American people. If it’s not sleazy, spineless acts via regs and taxes to undermine the Second Amendment, some just want to redefine what a firearm is.

First off, “assault weapon” is made up term, that’s been around since at least 1989, where the ATF was unable to define what such a weapon is! Technically anything a person uses in the form of a weapon against another person is an assault weapon. Progressives want you to believe the evil black ArmaLite rifle is a weapon of war, yet NO ONE in the military would ever be caught dead in combat with one! Rep Deutch has no idea what he is talking about when he made the Valentines Day Massacre comparison. A Tommy Gun operates completely different from an ArmaLite rifle, but let’s leave the facts out because the misleading words have far more impact on the uneducated voter.

There is nothing similar between a semiautomatic and a fully automatic weapon, both operate completely different AND the civilian versions (cheap to higher end), when subjected to harsh operation of sustained fire, will fail anywhere between 3-6 minutes!

Democrats do not know what they are talking about. They use clever words and emotion to get what they want, which is to see you disarmed and left at the mercy of criminals, terrorists and evil doers.