Mark Levin: You’re Now Witnessing ‘Judicial Tyranny’ in This Country 🔊

Progressive (Left & Right) federal judges are out of control going beyond their charter to apply law to the cases brought before them. They now make decisions based on past case-law and political opinions/ positions. As pointed out earlier this week, DACA is NOT a law, nor was it an executive order/ action, it was a memo from obama to DHS to ignore the law, yet is treated like a federal law!

Obama BROKE THE LAW, he knows it, he more or less admitted it, but none of that seems to matter to these judicial activists. Mark Levin has it dead to right and even wrote a book about Judicial Tyranny in America. These judges are putting politics ahead of country and that is dangerous for all of us.

Pres Trump’s admin is not only being sandbagged in the US Senate, by Chuck Schumer who is really in control not Ldr McConnell, but also by these radical judges. And no NO ONE cares that they’re “republicans appointed by” Bush or whomever, that means nothing. Party affiliation is irrelevant because progressives are all the same. To make matters worse Schumer and co are making it impossible to get Trump’s judicial appointees confirmed. Some on the Right are suggesting the dems are dragging the confirmation process out all the way into the midterms with the hopes of a blue wave so they can just vote everyone down!

The President needs allies in Congress, Americans tired of the nonsense who voted in 2016 need to come out this Nov and send in reinforcements, otherwise Trump’s admin and MAGA agenda is going to be stopped cold if not reversed.