WATCH Diamond & Silk Throw Down With Detestable Rep Sheila Jackson Lee During Facebook Censorship Hearing

Sheila Jackson Lee is by far one of the most vile, disgusting people serving in the US Congress. She clearly tried to bully and intimidate black conservatives Diamond & Silk in a failed attempt to publicly defame them as liars. Unfortunately for Lee, the pair weren’t having any of her progressive nonsense, giving her a dose of her own medicine as they set the record straight.

Leave it to a radical closet communist to side with Facebook who is ACTIVELY and FACTUALLY silencing conservatives on their platform because we offer an opposing opinion. This is what the radical, unhinged, violent, dangerous Left does. They bully and intimidate people, when that doesn’t work they silence you – as FB is doing.

Props to Diamond & Silk for not backing down. And take note how disrespectful Lee was as she continued after her time expired… no love lost between she and Rep Gohmert

** This wasn’t the only heated exchange the two had with the progressives aka communists members of the Judiciary Committee either… more to come.