di Genova & Toensing: Tactics Used Against Trump Atty Were Terroristic to “Take Down” POTUS 📺

Former federal prosecutors Joe di Genova and Victoria Toensing weighed in on the Deep State’s hit man, Bob Mueller, using the system to launch a full raid against Pres Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen. Mueller and co are fishing for anything at this point for leverage against people close to Trump, to do as di Genova warns “take down” POTUS.

This move against Cohen in particular is unprecedented, it violates attorney client privilege and puts the entire justice system in danger. These terroristic tactics deployed by the FBI and DOJ today are those seen in Banana Republics, that this country has become, as this site declared July 5th 2016.

How did we go from empty claims of collusion/ obstruction to an attorney dealing with a porn star?? There is no other way to define what Mueller is doing other than witch-hunt, or if you prefer the technical term is soft coup. And no it doesn’t matter that he is a “republican”, that means nothing because so is John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Jeff Flake, Susan Collins et al!

The Deep State is never going to stop with this soft coup until they get Trump out of office. It is the opinion of this this site, the GOP is willing to fall on their swords this fall, in the midterm elections, to cede power to the Left who will impeach Trump.