WATCH Sen Ted Cruz Grill Facebook’s Zuckerberg Over Censoring Conservatives 📺

Well it should be no surprise that the only difficult line of questioning Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, was subjected to came from Sen Ted Cruz. The line of questioning Cruz hit Zuckerberg with that had him up against a wall is nothing compared to what he would do under full cross-examination in a court setting. Zuckerberg doesn’t realize how lucky he got off today, this was Cruz at 1 on the intensity meter, at 10 that kid would’ve been in tears.

There is clear liberal bias on the social media platform against this site as well as countless others. Every single conservative, TEA Party and republican related page is under attack from FB, where page owners have been suspended anywhere from 24 hours to, a week or even a month. Many, yours truly knows personally, have been on consecutive 30 day suspensions, no lie, over 3-5 year old posts!

Thankfully, enough of the people subjected to this abuse, and probably the censorship on Diamond and Silk, made enough noise Sen Cruz took the sole role for calling Zuckerberg out on it. Yes, FB is a private company with its own rules and guidelines, but 99% of those targeted, censored/ shadow-banned have done absolutely nothing wrong. Oct 2017 to Nov 2017 yours truly was suspended one week after another with absolutely no explanation from the company. Warnings were received over spam, yet when challenged FB reversed its position and ADMITTED there was no violation, yet the suspensions remained in force!

FB has grown into a massive sourced of news and information in the same way television and radio did when they became influential to American politics and social issues. The company is playing God with information dictating what is and isn’t important for the user to see. Keep in mind every single user chooses of their own will to follow X number pages, but the company feels they must control the flow of information so much so users NEVER see posts in their news feed nor get notifications when the right leaning pages they follow posts content!

Liberal pages of course have no problem and have experienced growth. Cruz knows all of this, and trapped Zuckerberg into one lie after another IMO. BUT the CEO was not under oath, so the lies he told today don’t matter.

STR is all about the First Amendment and capitalism, but FB is abusing its power. So if Congress ends up regulating the site like tv and radio so be it.

Sen Sasse and Durbin [yea DICK Durbin] deserve honorary mention.. frankly it was shocking to see Durbin put Zuckerberg on the spot as he did making an excellent example of Zuckerberg’s hypocrisy.