Maxine Waters Cuts Dir Mulvaney Off After Getting Schooled on Separation of Powers 📺

Incapable of dealing with facts and the Separation of Powers, Maxine Waters rudely cut off OMB and CFPB Dir Mulvaney chanting “Reclaiming my time”. Waters is a perfect representation of all democrats: rude, arrogant, uneducated with delusions of superiority where the moment they get corrected they viciously attack or take measures to silence their opposition.

Let this clip serve as clear example as to why we must have an Article V Convention of the States organized as soon as possible [Those attempting to organize one are taking far too much time] because we need Term Limits to keep MONSTERS Maxine Waters out of Congress.

What you just saw there by Waters “reclaiming my time” is a woman DRUNK with power, who has been in Congress for over 25 years. She’s done nothing yet has amassed incredible wealth on a govt salary, allowing her to live in a lavish $4.2M home, in a district she doesn’t even represent! IF dems win majority power in the coming midterm elections, this MONSTER and many just like her, will hold positions of power to undo all the good we’ve seen under the Trump admin; in her case chairing the Financial Services Committee.

Republican, conservative and TEA Party voters GET OFF YOUR ASSES get involved because the dems are out for blood this election cycle. They get the power, Pelosi is calling the shots and the first thing they will do, with Waters leading them, is impeach Donald Trump for simply breathing at this point