Pelosi Threatens Trump Not to Fire Mueller or Deputy AG Rosenstein ๐Ÿ“บ

Nancy Pelosi is warning Pres Trump to not fire Bob Mueller or Deputy Atty General Rod Rosenstein because it would cause a “Constitutional crisis”. Newsflash for those living under a rock in America, we already have a Constitutional crisis.

Ever since before the Nov 2016 election the Left has been conspiring and taking action to prevent the election of Donald Trump. After he literally won the Left was calling for his impeachment and doing everything possible to undermine his administration. The very existence of the Mueller investigation is the result of anti-Trump and obama/clinton loyalists abusing their positions of power to more or less frame Trump as an agent of the Russian govt. As that narrative immediately began to fail, the soft coup conspirators attempted to claim POTUS was committing obstruction of justice (firing Comey) even though he acted within the powers delegated to him.

Bob Mueller is beyond corrupt, he is not this man of honor so many have claimed him to be. He has surrounded himself with democrat operatives all with questionable backgrounds including Dep AG Rosenstein. Both of these men are dirty playing a role in the Uranium One scandal who clearly have the motivation to destroy Trump.

This summation doesn’t do justice to the mountain of information available over how corrupt all the players seeking to take Trump out really are. If what we are witnessing from the all the leaks, bias media, Leftist pundits, democrats in Congress looking to destroy a sitting President, because they just like him and can’t get over their candidate losing, is not a Constitutional crisis then what is?!

Pelosi and co are well aware of the corruption, conflicts of interest and then some, they just don’t care. They want to flip their borderline treasonous actions on Trump! This is what they do and for the record they are the ones saying “Trump is going to fire Mueller”. They create the hysteria through the media and then take to the mic as seen here to escalate the situation.

This just goes to show how dangerous democrats are. This woman will be Speaker of the House this time next year. No!? Then stop acting so complacent, saying “we’re winning” and dismissing the Left. They’re out for blood come Nov midterms, if they get the power back Trump will be impeached. Trump supporters better get back in 2016 mindset, and you all better lie a fire under your Representatives and Senators.