Pelosi Promises to Raise Taxes “When” Dems Retake House by Repealing Tax Reform 📺

Nancy Pelosi is the face of the democrat party and all Leftists. They get angry with her because in her unstable mental state, plenty examples of her mumbling words, confusing people and applies etc, she tells the truth. And the truth is the platform she and all Leftists want to advance:
– raise taxes
– repeal the Second Amendment and the First to follow with massive restrictions on speech
– replace obamacare with single payer
– open borders & full amnesty for illegal aliens (bye-bye border wall)
– move the US to a socialist economy
– decriminalize all narcotics
– reduce sentences for all convicts currently serving time for violent crimes (CA is already doing this)
and the list goes on and on.

In other words her goal, and that of the Left, is to fully run on and implement obama’s dream of fundamental transformation = destruction of the United States as you know it.

The GOP would be wise to take every single video, tweet, social media post by Pelosi and her ilk and turn them into campaign ads. That would guarantee a win in November, but the GOP/ RNC isn’t that smart. They cower to any attacks that come their way as Mitt Romney was manhandled by debate moderator Candy Crowley in 2012.

What we need is a new party to make the message over how destructive and dangerous Nancy Pelosi and her party would be if they regain control of Congress come the midterm elections. Have we talked about Trump being impeached by them for simply breathing??