Illegal Alien Atty Says ICE Busy Arresting Grannies Not Criminals, Claims US Created MS-13 📺

Another disturbing example how the Left vehemently goes out of their way to defend, even protect MS-13 gang members, in any debate concerning illegal immigration. Illegal alien immigration atty Cesar Vargas believes ICE’s job is the same like any cop or deputy sheriff to ensure community trust and safety, and ignore their mission which is in fact to enforce immigration law. They’re not cops pulling people over for speeding, or busting shoplifters. If ICE is not going after the criminals but grannies, as Vargas suggests, then it is because of sanctuary city leaders INTERFERING with them from doing their job!

It’s abundantly clear liberals prefer illegals over US citizens. They are the new voting pool the Left wants to legalize and tap to hold onto power. Dems in fact are using illegal and legal immigrants the same way they have black Americans. Tell them everything they want to hear, promise the world in return for donations and votes only to not deliver blaming it on whitey while proclaiming “we cannot give up this fight”.

Many in the black community are finally waking up no thanks to people like Kanya West, thus the dems new push to defend any and all immigrants, including illegal MS-13 gang members.

The US did not create MS-13 as Vargas would have one to believe. MS-13 grew out of the war of El Salvador in the 80’s. It’s a creation of a failed govt and society, growing over decades to where they’ve become global. These monsters rule the streets of third world nations who have now infiltrated the US no thanks to democrats hindering US immigration laws from being enforced.

Vargas is a DACA “recipient”, aka illegal alien, who is using our own system against us. He came to this country illegally, gets an education many can only dream of and now works to get immigration reform aka amnesty for illegals.