Dem Congressman Defends MS-13 Gang Members, Says They Are Not Animals ๐Ÿ“บ

The democrat party is the party of raising taxes, taking over and ruining the healthcare system, abortion, America last economically, open borders, gun control, impeach Trump and MS-13 are not animals.

Ya know what Rep Crowley is right, MS-13 are not animals. It’s actually insulting to animals because they do not kill for sport, entertainment, to send a message or settle a score. MS-13 are monsters, a cancer to society who should be eradicated at any and all opportunity… they’re target practice!

The Left hates Pres Trump so much they willfully choose to defend creatures who, when they aren’t stealing, selling drugs, trafficking humans, terrorizing their own communities, assaulting and raping women and girls, are stone cold-blooded killers. It is absolutely disgusting to see elected leaders, media and pundits take to the airwaves and print holding this position defending the worst of the worst of mankind, and even worse pulling the race as Crowley did.