Dem Rep Keith Ellison Wears Whig Singing a Song Mocking Pres Trump at MinnRoast 2018 📺

The Minn Post holds a variety show every year with local politicians called MinnRoast. Democrat Keith Ellison took part in the event wearing a Trump like whig while singing a song mocking Pres Trump.

Now we get it’s all in fun, it’s a yearly event yada yada, but what if a politician.. a white politician did this to obama?! Could you imagine the hatefest that would be going on right now by the media and the democrat party if anyone in the GOP did this to their messiah singing about Benghazi, all the spying under his admin, gun running, open border policy, obamacare failing, poor economy etc!? Or forget obama, what if someone does the same thing to Ellison over his ties with CAIR, muslim brotherhood, Louis Farrakhan and Awan IT scandal that compromised national security!? The Left would be apologetic calling for said individuals resignation, they would be called a racist, Leftists would be protesting probably burning a city down at this point.

Maybe someone on the right should do the same to Ellison? Let’s see how good of a sport he is, or to heck with it just trigger the Left again because Americans are so tired of their crap!