Clinton Urges Deep State to Stay in Govt to Fight For ‘Facts, Evidence, Our Values’ 📺

Hillary Clinton was speaking at Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, during Harvard University’s graduation week, where she urged “non-political” employees in the govt to stay and fight for ‘facts and evidence and our values.’ What would they be exactly? Fabricating a dossier against Donald Trump? Cutting an unindicted felon loose for genuinely breaking multiple federal laws? Destruction of evidence? What kind of ‘values’ do these people hold exactly to participate in a soft coup against a duly elected President of the United States?

Clinton was clearly talking to her “friends” in the Deep State to hold the line with this soft coup that was launched against Pres Trump to remove him from office. Those involved are hiding something big with all the stonewalling we’ve witnessed, to where they’re willing to put the intelligence agencies reputations on the line to go after Trump, who has done nothing while ignoring the outright crimes this unindicted felon has committed.