Sara Carter Confirms Mult Foreign Spy Agencies Were Collecting Intel on Trump! 📺

Many people won’t pick up on this but during this Hannity segment, reporting on foreign spy agencies collecting intelligence on Trump and sharing it with the FBI, with Sara Carter, she more or less confirmed Judge Napolitano’s claim from last year! If you recall, Judge Nap claimed that the obama admin used British spy agency GCHQ (Brit version of the NSA) to spy on Donald Trump that earned him a brief suspension. The Judge was attacked by Fox News’ Shep Smith over the claim but was vindicated by of all places CNN!

The FBI has been completely weaponized by the Deep State who were clearly hell-bent to stop Trump from becoming President. Think about it, we have govt officials who were doing everything possible to ensure Hillary Clinton was elected president! WHY!?

This spy operation.. scandal has barack obama written all over it at this point with the number of hands and former high-ranking officials involved. Clapper, Brennan, Comey, Rice etc etc all were doing everything they could to stop Trump.

One can only hope those of the 28 FBI agents who want to be subpoenaed to testify, about the Clinton email scandal and corruption, will drop the hammer down on all the Deep State/ soft coup conspirators. What we’re witnessing is unprecedented, most aren’t even aware of the severity and danger because the media is deliberately sandbagging the biggest scandal in US history.