Unhinged MSNBC Host Tells Dems to Compare Trump Voters to Nazis ๐Ÿ“บ

Donny Deutsch never fails to deliver the most repulsive, divisive language on an issue. It’s not enough for him to say ‘I have my opinion, you have yours, and I disagree’. No, no, Donny has to go low pulling the nazi card.

According to dangerous unhinged Leftists, illegal alien men, women and children are being held in prison camps, marched off to the “showers” as classical music is played. For the record that method of extermination was conceived by Fabian Socialist (ORIGINAL progressive) George Bernard Shaw whom the nazi’s took his idea and ran with it.

Deutsch clearly didn’t pay attention in history class to know nazi’s are Leftists, nazi means NATIONAL SOCIALIST. Now for those claiming what’s happening today is like WW2 American internment camps… okay but that was under DEMOCRAT/PROGRESSIVE Presidents FDR and Woodrow Wilson. And what do you know the law causing all the problems was started during a democrat President in the 1990’s!

If we take DOUCHE at his word, then by using his exact same logic what does that say about him and the Left as a whole? They were COMPLETELY silent when this “kids in cages” thing was going on under obama! Leftists were also silent during Bush and Clinton’s terms as this went on, yet for some reason it’s all Trump and his supporters fault!?

Calling the President of the United States evil, and 63M Americans who voted for him nazis isn’t going to help your cause Donny. What you’re doing is solidifying the belief many sane Americans have that you unhinged Leftists want open borders and HATE US citizens over the way you coddle and pander to illegal aliens, to drive public support with the hopes of an election win.

For years many compared the state of American politics and governance by saying we’re back in 1770’s, some argued 1776. Now that obama is out (Bush takes blame too), radicals in govt remain loyal to him, and this “resistance” thing they’ve all created, it’s safe to say we had a time jump and are in the LATE 1850’s. We’ve already had our Preston Brooks caning of Charles Sumner moment at the state level in Texas. The position the Left has taken with illegal immigration is the same one the LEFT took defending slavery and southern (ORIGINAL Dixiecrats) way of life in the late 1850’s that drove this country into a civil war in the 1860’s.

You Leftists need to understand this desire for an armed conflict, don’t deny it those of us with a clue can see what you’re doing, constantly trying to provoke the Right to physically strike back, is not going to end well for you.

Just like you LOST the first Democrat Civil War you WILL lose the Second DCW. You are picking a fight with the people who have been buying guns and ammunition, to this day, AT RECORD LEVELS since obama took office. Same people who know how to use said weapons are also taking martial arts and other self-defense courses. It should also be noted these people also KNOW which bathroom to use unlike the unhinged radical Left!

Leftists need to stop with constant lying, because they look like fools at this point, and the divisive rhetoric. Unless… they do want a fight. If that is what they want then throw down and let’s get it over and done with. Don’t worry it won’t last long, we crazy gun-loving, Bible thumping, Constitution preaching right-wingers will end this one faster than it starts.