Pirro Excoriates the Left Over Rooting For Trump to Fail 📺


Judge Pirro opened her show making it abundantly clear that the Left (politicians, pundits media etc) as a whole does not want Pres Trump to have any success. The Left is so full of hate they don’t want Trump to be successful even when it benefits them! They would prefer an America that is not doing better economically and a world more dangerous with ISIS running loose, North Korea isolated building nuclear weapons, than give Donald Trump a shred of credit for not cowering as his predecessors.

Pirro’s opening actually goes along with what Dana Loesch said about the media’s love for mass shootings…

The Left needs the bad news day in, day out because it means ratings (revenue), donations, wins for those running for office. A weak America means power, money and control for the Left. This is why they do not want Trump to have any success be it against rogue nations, terrorism or economically (domestic and globally). America to the Left is the bad guy who needs to make amends for striving to be number one, this is why they praised obama for 8 years of apologies and ceding military, political and economic power. Trump is reversing all of that, erasing the very little that remains of obama’s “legacy”, making the US a true leader of the world again.

This is the bigger picture with Pirro’s statement, and should have made it more clear for those with thick skulls who will attack her. We have a President who is going against every unspoken rule of diplomacy because status quo means America last. He’s not having it and neither are those of us who support him.

Leftists who can’t see that, you have problems. Those of you who disagree no doubt are probably the same people blaming the US for everything, think the country is racist, hate capitalism, believe in white privilege and so on. If you don’t like this America Donald Trump is restoring you have two choices: find a better candidate to run against him in 2020 or LEAVE.

The days of pacifism, America last, bowing down to foreign leaders at the American people’s expense is over.