Boom! Kurt Schlichter Drops Truth Bombs During Heated Illegal Immigration Debate ๐Ÿ“บ

This dismantling of liberal talking points to defend illegal immigration by Kurt Schlichter was masterful, methodical and raw. Izac Wright couldn’t hand the multiple truth bombs Schlichter unloaded that the best and brightest are in fact not entering the US legally. No, if anything we’re getting other countries best criminals to replace the ones we have locked up in our prison system. Wright was also left defenseless/ speechless when Schlichter spoke of his wife, an immigrant, who came to the US with her family LEGALLY like many Americans family members.

It’s no wonder Wright pulled the Jesus card to defend his position! Isn’t it amazing how the Left always invokes religion and God, in same way they do the Constitution, when it suits them, yet are always first ones to condemn those who are religious!

We need more conservatives to speak out like Schlichter, A LOT MORE actually. You’d think conservatives would finally “open up both barrels” on deceptive libs like Schlichter did, but they’re afraid, he’s not! The time for being nice and cordial is over, and has been for years. Liberals expect you to be nice, prim and proper while they berate you or just lie. So it’s okay, really it is, to speak your mind, say things that might upset the other side.