Rep Gaetz Ripped Into Paul Ryan, Says “Colleagues” Are Talking to Replace Him as Speaker 📺

FL Rep Matt Gaetz ripped into Paul Ryan over his siding with the Deep State, embedded in the FBI and DOJ, who are stonewalling Congress. When people and the President talk about draining the swamp, Ryan is at the top of the list over how he easily sides with his pals, like all talk and no action Trey Gowdy (He did a heck of job fooling people, he’s only good for vid clips). Ryan supported Gowdy’s claim there was no spying on Trump even though neither has seen all the evidence and rumor has it Trey is looking for a tv gig after he gets out of Congress, so do the math! Oh and let’s not forget Paul’s long-term scheme he started, after losing 2012 election, with Luis Gutierrez to get amnesty through…

Paul never wanted the Speaker job because he knew he would be exposed for taking positions that go against the party, conservatives and not fight for the people but instead for special interests. Ryan could order a special commission to blow this whole Russia-TrumpDNC-Clinton thing out of the water if he wanted to. Instead he does nothing, he doesn’t even stand with Congressional committees who have oversight power over the very govt agencies refusing to produce documents and information they’re entitled access to.

It’s no wonder Gaetz says he “was hearing colleagues say, ‘Well if Speaker Ryan won’t stand with us in this fight over the essentials of our democracy, not weaponizing the intelligence community against a presidential campaign, do we need to look at other choices?'” Ryan’s name can be added to the long list of people getting in the way of getting to the bottom of corruption, spying and abuse of power used against Pres Trump. As stated here, Ryan (and McConnell) is a cancer to Pres Trump’s presidency.

Those in Congress tired of Ryan’s games should hold a vote of no confidence to oust him. Ryan is done in Congress this year anyway, in the few mos left we could get someone competent in as Speaker who can get things rolling as far as commission, possible impeachment of DOJ officials etc before the midterms and 2019.