Defiant Maxine Waters Refuses to Back Down Over Threats to Harass Trump Officials 📺

Maxine Waters has come under fire, deservedly so, after ranting on MSNBC and at a campaign rally telling her supporters to harass members of the Trump admin. This woman who has a record of corruption and hates the Constitution had the audacity to say the First Amendment gives her the right to say what she said in protest!

The First Amendment does protect one’s right to protest however it doesn’t say anything about harassing people. She can call the President, his entire staff, family, the GOP and his supporters every name in the book. What she, nor anyone can do, is invoke 1A while calling for people to be harassed… democrat style.

What do we mean “democrat style”? Do democrats ever protest and march peacefully with a shred of civility? Waters can harp that she didn’t call to harm anyone all she wants, it doesn’t matter, here’s why. To most Leftists who listen to her harassment = violence. They will antagonize, berate and do everything possible to get person riled up. When that doesn’t work or they get lip service pushed right back at them, democrat have a history of physically lashing out! We have tons of videos from 2016 to now, showing how “civilized” debate crumbles into physical altercations.

With that in mind let’s be very frank about that.. The people who are listening the most to Waters’ divisive rhetoric are a few sandwiches short of a picnic. How many Alexandria, VA shooting James Hodgkinson’s are out there taking every word she utters as gospel?

Listen to her, look at her SHE HATES TRUMP, which means she HATES ANYONE who voted for Trump. Not one bit of remorse, or “Gee ya know I think I went too far,” instead she remains defiant refusing to back down!This woman couldn’t careless about illegal alien children, all she sees is future democrat party voters and donors. She’s done nothing for her own constituents, except play the blame game for over 25 years to stay in power. She will drop her own people for an entirely new voter pool at the drop of a hat.

Okay that’s fine, it’s her perspective and right. But know this, WHEN someone gets seriously injured or killed at the hands of another Leftist like in Alexandria, Auntie Maxine’s going to be in A LOT of trouble.