Sweet Lil’ Ol’ Grandma BERATES CNN’s Acosta at Trump-McMaster Rally 📺


As attendees in West Columbia, SC await Pres Trump’s arrival for the Henry McMaster rally the crowd let CNN and Jim Acosta know they’re not welcome!

This sweet lil ol’ Grandma was front and center as the crowd was chanting “CNN sucks” and “Jim go home”, berating the political activist masquerading as journalist. You can hear her telling people off camera to get him out of the arena!

Unfortunately, and like it or not as Acosta tells her in this short clip, he does have a right to be there. Of course he whined about it…

While we despise CNN and their “reporters” the First Amendment applies to them too. The Left needs to understand we’re just playing by their rules now. It can all stop tomorrow if they would act like civilized adults instead of vindictive spoiled brats who didn’t get what they want.

Still, it’s quite entertaining to see this woman get in his face!