Cory Booker Agrees With Maxine Waters On Harassing Trump Staffers “Nothing Wrong With Confronting” 📺

Isn’t this genius on Cory Booker’s part to say it’s okay to harass Trump admin staffers but under the same breath do it “with love”. Do you know why he said that? You know why. Booker KNOWS Leftists are going to take his, Maxine Waters and others words as their full blessing to attack conservatives and Trump admin officials. They’re not going to hear him say conduct yourselves like MLK and Gandhi, all they’ll hear is “nothing wrong with confronting that person”. He inserts the “with love” to distance himself from the very same people he’s giving a blessing who will get violent at that restaurant, gas station and dept store.

WHEN blood is spilled, one drop of a conservative, republican lawmaker or Trump admin staffer by the hands of a Leftist, intentional or not, there’s no turning back. There will be no “I/ we didn’t mean that”, “I’m sorry”, I condemn what has happened today” etc. Nope when another Alexandria or lesser happens the democrat party as a whole WILL OWN it 100.1%. Rush said it, Hannity said it – the rhetoric coming from the unhinged Left is going to get someone killed, and when that happens it’s game on.

Leftists have no idea of the reckoning coming their way. They poke, and poke, and poke thinking they’re untouchable. They’re not and now that they’ve escalated things they’re not going to be happy when they get poked back, because the people they’ve been poking, poke back a lot harder.

As warned, we’re back in the LATE 1850’s, this WARM civil war is going to heat up.