Mark Levin Slams Michael Cohen’s Plea Deal, Sinks the Left’s Dreams of Implicating Pres Trump (Video)


The Left is celebrating Pres Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen taking a plea deal which will mean jail time for misuse of campaign funds believing it will implicate POTUS and lead to his impeachment. To separate fact from fiction, Mark Levin appeared on Hannity to explain what it really means destroying the narrative being pushed allover the corrupt media, with the help of Cohen’s attorney, Clinton consigliere Lanny Davis. (This man has literally sold his soul to the Clinton’s. He will say and do whatever ever it takes to avenge them)

“A campaign expenditure under our federal campaign laws is an expenditure solely for campaign activity. A candidate who spends his own money or even corporate money for an event that occurred not as a result of the campaign is not a campaign expenditure.”

“Mr Lanny Davis had his client plead guilty to two offenses that aren’t offenses, that the prosecutor insisted were offenses, that’s why he’s no good, that is Michael Cohen against Donald Trump. Donald Trump’s in the clear. Let’s say Donald Trump even directed Michael Cohen to make payments in non-disclosure agreements, so what he’s allowed to do that.”

Mueller, as said many times here, has nothing. His entire investigation was to find a crime to pin on Pres Trump, but there is no crime. As Levin points out the real goal is to put together a report to handover to Congress in an attempt to impeach POTUS. None of it will hold water, this will all be DOA and backfire badly on the media and anyone in Congress who has been working to unseat the President of the United States.

Levin left out one key point, this is more evidence of a soft coup against Trump that involves people in Congress, the DOJ, FBI, CIA and fmr obama admin officials. Some might say if this happened during the time of the Founders they’d already be shooting…