Fake “Conservative” Rubin: GOP Senators Behaving Like ‘It’s Their Time of the Month’


Sane Americans have had just about enough of the double standards from progressives, especially those claiming to be conservative, like barracuda mouth Jennifer Rubin. Fish face was on MS-13NBC talking about the Senate GOP leaders presser from today following the FBI’s conclusion of their Kavanaugh investigation. The GOP expressed how upset they were with the democrats and their search and destroy mission, along with the media demonizing the Judge.

Fake conservative barracuda mouth Rubin didn’t like them calling the left out, going so far as to say it must be ‘their time of the month’!!

Could you imagine a man* saying a woman is acting a certain way because it’s ‘their time of the month’! He would be crucified on air by every single network and news organization. Hollywood would be having a hissy fit in between the garbage they produce that denigrate and demoralize women. Every single women’s group and feminazi would be demanding his head on a pike while leftists are setting the streets of America a blaze! But it’s okay for them to use despicable language to attack anyone on the right.

Dems using double standards like this is just another example how they bully people to submit if you go against their agenda. Time is coming to deal directly with all bullies… stay tuned.

* A leftist beta.. gamma male wouldn’t say it, as they probably pretend to have “time of the month” to sympathize with their feminazi overlords.