Dem Senators Claim FBI Investigation on Kavanaugh is “Cover-Up”


Not a day should go by where anyone on the right would be surprised by the conspiracies and general whiny BS coming out of confederate democrats. For about two years we’ve watched them defend the FBI over the Trump-Russia investigation praising their work investigating cooked up claims by the DNC, Hillary Clinton and others Trump had Russia’s help to win the election. Now that the 7th (supplemental) background investigation has been completed into Judge Kavanaugh, the confederacy is now criticizing the Bureau’s work suggesting they’re complicit, engaged in a cover-up, by following the Trump admins directive to limit reach and scope!

Got it? The same agency being praised for going after Pres Trump, is now in cahoots with him to get Kavanaugh confirmed! This is how loony democrats have become. Give it time soon DICK Blumenthal and Jeff Merkley will be joined by others saying the same nonsense, if not crazier.

These people have lost their ever-loving minds. They’re incredibly mentally unstable at this point, can you imagine what they will do if another SCOTUS seat opens up! When you see conservatives like Kurt Schlichter to yours truly saying buy guns and ammo, we’re not kidding! These loons are just about ready to start another Civil War because people are starting to wise up and ignore their childish hysterics. Remember it is well documented when these leftist radicals cannot win a debate they throw blows. Now they’re losing on larger scale they will become more violent than they already are.