Rabid Feminists Harass GOP Sen Purdue and His Wife in Airport


The feminazis protesting against Judge Kavanaugh’s SCOTUS nomination are not backing off harassing GOP members. They believe, thanks to sissy Jeff Flake, if they harass Senators hard enough they will change their minds to vote against confirming Kavanaugh. Here we have Sen David Purdue traveling with his wife being ambushed at Reagan National Airport by hardcore anti-Kavanaugh leftists harping on him about women who have been sexually assaulted. [Maybe it’s time for security to be stepped up since these feminazis also ambushed Sen Maj Ldr Mitch McConnell!?)

No one is dismissing actual victims, “we’re” dismissing accusers like Ford whose story has more holes in it than a fishing net! To suggest the Senator, or anyone really, of not supporting victims is disgraceful and taking things out of context. In reality this is confirmation the left does not believe in the presumption of innocence. If a woman accuses a man of sexual misconduct he is guilty, everyone must believe the woman where those who don’t are as guilty as the accused and endorse rape! That’s not me saying that, listen to these monsters, that’s what they’re telling Purdue and other GOP leaders.

Something is going to have to be done about these unhinged leftists stalking Senators and Representatives because sooner or later someone is going to get hurt AGAIN. The left for the most part couldn’t careless about the Alexandria attack. They came out with subtle calls for peace, but maintained their high level of divisive rhetoric. Maxine Waters and many like her threw gasoline on the fire calling for Trump admin, GOP leaders and republicans in general to be harassed, or in the medias case defending these monsters! That is why we are now seeing one video after another surfacing of GOP leaders being harassed. These people have demonstrated, on now a daily basis, they’re mentally unstable, dangerous and violent. WHEN people on the right start hitting back leftists are not going to like it because we hit harder. Let’s avoid the escalation people because we went down this road in the 1850’s and it didn’t end well for 100’s of thousands of Americans.