80’s Brat Pack Star Has Clinton “Deplorable” Moment Calling All GOP Rapists


Hollywood is infested with radical leftists who know nothing about anything political other than what they hear. The level stupidity, ignorance and viciousness they put on display will never cease to amaze Normal Americans.

Case in point former 80’s Brat Pack star Molly Ringwald. Many Americans grew up watching and “loving” movies she appeared in, Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink which have all now been ruined. This elitist has taken a page right out of Hillary Clinton’s playbook, and if I may be so bold, went to a new low. Clinton called half the country deplorable, this jackass is calling anyone who is (by default votes for) republican, a rapist!

Molly doesn’t know me, she doesn’t know you, or anyone else who is not goose-stepping to the democrat progressive agenda, but has the audacity based on NOTHING to call us all rapists!?

What the hell is wrong with these people!? Go look at her timeline it’s liberal driven trash, and nonsense by someone who doesn’t know laws, processes or have a basic understanding how things work. Oh wait that’s all these confederates do, they act on emotion to hell with facts, rules and laws.

Ringwald’s post is beyond vile and divisive, and is why there is no coming back* from this for the left. The damage and massive divide they have created in this country can never repaired. There will be no apologies accepted when they say “I’m sorry, I got too emotional and went too far”, “I used language that was unacceptable and I am sorry”.

You want to know why there will be no apologies accepted? Because it’s one thing to get asked on the fly by someone with a camera and mic in your face and you go into a rant. It’s another to sit behind a keyboard, think it up, type it out and hit submit/ send/ publish. They do this crap all the time. They say things, lash out and think “I’ll apologize and make it right”.


Yours truly has stopped from posting some things because they would not be received well. This asshole, and that is what she is, willfully typed this up and posted it. Ringwald knew exactly what she was doing, so keep that in mind when she deletes the tweet and issues some disingenuous apology, after being pressured by her handlers.

Do we need to address all the rapists and sex offenders in the democrat party starting with Bill Clinton and maybe work down to Keith Ellison and Harvey Weinstein? NO, we can’t talk about them because dems are exempt!

Since progressives refuse to learn when to stop, Ringwald will get NO SYMPATHY, there will be no condemnation towards those who will respond to her with hateful, offensive comments, nor the threats you know she will be on the receiving end. Molly earned everything coming her way.

FU Molly, F Hollywood.


** Every single time these movies come on now all that will go through your head is how much of radical leftist bitch she, ruining the movie.