Sharpton: Kavanaugh Supporters Are Like People Who Attended Lynchings After Church

The left is continually putting on display how hateful and divisive they are. They have attacked and accused Judge Kavanaugh of everything under the Sun, and those who support are just bad. They say he is a rapist, if you support him you are a rapist. Hell fmr 80’s Brat Pack actress called the Republican Party, which no only includes those elected but the people who elected them, the Rape Party.

At no time was race ever an issue with Kavanaugh, yet the left dug hard to insert racism into the hate they were spewing, attacking the Judge for being white, carrying on about white privilege. The narrative would not be complete without the number one racist in the country inserting himself in the debate.

While bitching about Sen Susan Collins and President Trump, Al Sharpton claims those who support the Judge are just like the people who “would go to church and then go to the lynching”!
The only people engaged in “bully, bully, bully” Al are you and your vile ilk.

As far as this monster and his ilk are concerned if you were born with light-colored skin you are a racist. It doesn’t matter who your friends are, or who you’re married to or dating – if you support Kavanaugh you’re now a racist.

Any attempts for civility are impossible now when you have people manufacturing rage. They need division, they need hate because it keeps them in power and makes them a lot of money.

As I’ve said there is no coming back from what the left has done. No apology, no penance will cure things. We are in a de facto state of civil war.