Sen Graham: Dem Mob Spit at Me During Kavanaugh Hearing


Sen Lindsey Graham appeared on Fox & Friends to discuss several issues, including fielding a question about the whether or not the GOP can maintain momentum they gained during the Kavanaugh hearings going into the midterms. Graham responded that this midterm election has come down to either you want to support the “mob” who will gladly destroy a man’s life for political gain or support those who stand for the rule of law.

“What kind of country do you want and who you want to run it? Do you want these people who spit on me and yell at me being in charge, or do you want a more orderly process?”

Fox’s Steve Doocy asked Graham who spit on him, he responded “Oh, people in the hall.. Yeah, spit at me!”

We don’t have any proof this happened to Graham, just as there was no proof produced in 2010 when Rep Clever claimed he was spat at during the TEA Party protesting obamacare. BUT what we do have is a history of disgraceful behavior from the unhinged violent left. If they’re capable of throwing bottles of human waste at protests it’s totally plausible and believable some Kavanaugh protesters spat at Sen Graham. The only difference between the two is one whined and ran to the media about it, the other nonchalantly brought it up, like “oh well this is what we have to deal with nowadays”.

Leftists are dangerous, they’ll go to any low to intimidate lawmakers to get their way. Props again to Graham for standing up to the monsters, showing Normal Americans it’s okay to stand up to the horde.