Geraldo Goes Bonkers, Defending Rock and Bottle Throwing “Migrants”


Geraldo Rivera continues to make an absolute fool of himself every single time he goes on air defending the indefensible. During a Hannity segment on the “migrant” caravan, aka illegal alien invasion, conservative Dan Bongino asked Rivera a sincere direct question,

“I ask you a very simple question and I would sincerely appreciate an honest answer. You’re standing in the face of these Border Patrol agents, patrolling our borders just doing their jobs to keep our nation secure, what do you tell them to do when a rock comes at their face, what’s your answer?”


There you go, the washed up reporter, Geraldo goes bonkers touting leftist talking points defending the rock and bottle throwing “migrants”, claiming they’re just innocent people looking for a better life! Right, because innocent people organize and invade a neighboring nation [Mexico], straining their social welfare system taxpayers, not them, paid into, bringing crime and disease, while making demands as they are staging a mass invasion against another country [US]!

And what was this great journalist’s suggestion to deal with the rock throwing savages after carrying on uncontrollably? “You send spanish speaking ambassadors”… to the savages throwing rocks and bottles. “You explain to them they are not going to be able to rush the border. You explain to them the facts of life. You explain to them the reality of what’s happening.”

Uh heh, let’s keep in mind these people have already demonstrated their willingness to break the law and act out violently. What will Rivera’s excuse be when said “ambassadors” do as he suggests, ending up getting beaten within an inch of their life by the rock and bottle throwing savages!?

There is only one solution to this problem – BUILD THE WALL, as Geraldo apparently agreed to at the end of the segment (which is all he should have said). Double the number of agents patrolling the border giving them the tools an authority to do their job. No more excuses, catch and release, start enforcing the laws on the books by PUNISHING those who are aiding illegals trying to get into the US. That goes for politicians, companies and non-profits and billionaires.