Desperate Dem Congressman Makes Up Crime to Keep Trump Witch Hunt Going


Rep Eric Swalwell, who posted an op-ed to disarm the American people and went so far as to say the govt would use nuclear weapons against citizens on Twitter, has shown his insanity has no bounds. Swalwell appeared on MSNBC to discuss the recent events concerning the Mueller investigation, following news earlier in the day fmr Trump attorney Michael Cohen plead guilty for lying to investigators, said the following…

Yes, he just said “obstructing the collusion“. WTH is that?!?!

This man, if people didn’t think he was after the nuke comment, is sick! There is something mentally wrong with the vast majority of democrat leaders, media and leftists over their obsession with Russia Russia Russia, and their inability to accept they lost the 2016 election. Swalwell literally made this crime up on the fly because there is no legitimate sane attorney in the United States who would support such a charge of “obstructing the collusion”. Here’s why:

Collusion IS NOT a crime.

There are no laws on the books making collusion a crime; for those out there believing otherwise produce the statute(s). How can you commit obstruction on something that doesn’t exist? This is the bullshit Americans voted for Nov 6th that we’re going to have to hear for the next 2 years.

By the way everything Swalwell just said here, as crazy as it may sound, even if true, is NOT illegal! This is what campaigns do to beat the other side, it’s called opposition research, getting the dirt on your opponent to bury them! For those who may be shaking your head thinking “No, no, no you’re wrong”, again produce the statute(s) because this is EXACTLY what Clinton, the DNC and the media did to Trump with Fusion GPS etc etc via dossier and all the bs we’ve had to endure for about 2 years!!

As for the Trump’s looking into building a Trump Tower in Moscow, that’s not a crime either, POTUS addressed it when he was asked about Cohen…

Democrats have nothing on Pres Trump, they never did, otherwise Bobby Mueller would have pulled the trigger a year ago. So now they make up crimes, as Swalwell just did here. The abuse of power we are going to witness over the next 2 yrs by the democrats, because they hold majority power in the House will be off the charts, surpassing what we saw under obama.

Elections have consequences and this is what happens when stubborn, lazy republican voters sit home for the midterm elections. If you’re bitching about the dems witch hunt, but sat home election day, YOU DID THIS, and everything still to come!

Lindsey Graham nailed it during the Kavanaugh hearing and unfortunately voters didn’t listen…