Migrant Caravan Trying to Enter US Poses Serious Health Threat to Americans

Aside from the security risks of gang members, criminals and terrorists hiding within the “migrant” caravan (aka illegal aliens), these people also present a serious health threat to Americans should they gain access. Health officials report over 1/3 of the migrants who have set up camp in Tijuana are being treated for respiratory infections, TB, HIV/AIDs, lice, Chicken Pox and other skin ailments. Along with this there is a high probability hepatitis will be added to the list because there are only 35 portable bathrooms for the thousands camped out plotting to enter the US under false claims for asylum.

What is going to happen when there are 20K of them spreading all these ailments and diseases? These people are growing impatient by the day. Surely the left doesn’t think they’ll all gladly line up to make their pleas for asylum with the hopes of being cleared and granted access into the US?! It’s only a matter or time until these “migrants” attempt to force their way into the US. Many have already said they will enter illegally, so what happens when said individuals mix in with the population? Democrats who support these people what will you do when these sick people are coming in contact with your children?

We cannot have these people in our country compromising Americans safety and health, as an epidemic will no doubt follow. There’s already an epidemic of hepatitis spreading in San Diego, LA and San Francisco due to all the homeless people living in poor unsanitary conditions. These illegal aliens are creating the perfect conditions for disease to spread like wildfire.

The border must be sealed and anyone attempting to break into the US must be repelled using any and all less than lethal options available and shipped back to wherever they come from. These people are not the best and brightest from wherever they’re coming from, they have no respect for Americans, the rule of law and expect to be given jobs, food, housing and medical care no thanks to the sanctuary city policies democrats have created. What happens if a few of these people are carrying a deadly contagion? Who will the democrats blame? Sorry not willing to take that chance for poor “Miguel” &/or “Anna” and their whole family to get in because they think they have the right.