The View Hosts Whine About “‘But Obama’ Defense” During Argument Over Trump vs Obama on Caravan


Facts are pesky things especially when they force leftists to expose their utter hypocrisy. The leftists over at The View got into a heated argument over how Trump is dealing with the “migrant” caravan the same exact way the obama did.

Leftists hate when the truth is revealed that obama used the same exact tactics dozens of times against border rushers! The media even did positive stories on the same exact tactics being used, practically praising the use of less than lethal devices!!

Here’s video proof for Joy Behar who challenged the reports, wanting to know if there were any pics…

[CBS News 8 San Diego 11/27/13]

Sunny Hostin didn’t want to hear any of this either, whining “and this ‘but obama’ defense doesn’t work for me”, “‘but obama did it, but obama did it’ I don’t care…”. Hostin as well as the other leftists on this panel, and the media in general, sure didn’t mind when barack hussein obama was WHINING about George W Bush for 8 STRAIGHT YEARS. Day after day, when one problem or negative piece of news hit, obama was CONSTANTLY blaming Bush for his failures!

So here we are making a legitimate comparison between the present and past admins and these dolts don’t want to hear it!? No sorry “ladies” we’re just going by rules you leftists established, DEAL WITH IT.