Dem Rep Jeffries Calls Pres Trump “The Grand Wizard of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue”


The unhinged democrat socialist party is relentless in their attacks against Pres Trump calling him every name in the book. Apparently they haven’t learned their lesson yet, every time they hit him, he hits back 10X harder.

Rep Hakeem Jeffries is one of the biggest race hustlers in Congress who is ratcheting up the rhetoric by calling Trump the Grand Wizard. Pres Trump has done nothing racist to be repeatedly attack as the left is doing. They’re upset because he is enforcing laws already on the books and wanting to protect this country. Jeffries knows this but that doesn’t stop in him in his moment of “glory”, in his quest to attack POTUS he once again demonstrated his degree of education, lack of really, by associating Trump to Jim Crow…. Jim Crow laws, like the KKK, and slavery are all products of the democrat party!

The Rep knows what he’s doing and saying, but also knows his devout followers are mindless and uneducated taking every word their leaders say, including the ongoing revisionist history. They’re never going to stop with these attacks, the tensions now are far worse than they were in 2017 leading up to the Alexandria attack. WHEN a leftist does something incredibly heinous and stupid Jeffries, Pelosi, Waters, Schumer, all their pals in media and Hollywood are going to own it.

A day of reckoning is coming…