No the “Native American” Elder Was Not Harassed By Catholic School Boys Wearing MAGA Hats


The unhinged left, which includes the media, are piling on attacks against the Covington Catholic HS students claiming they harassed a “Native American”* elder, Nathan Phillips, a professional activist who invokes racism, after an edited video started swirling around. As you would expect since the video went viral the teens are being harassed and demonized over lies cooked up by the rage mob who are quickly driving this country into a civil war (Yes, I do believe it’s coming).

The truth of the matter is these boys did not seek out and surround Nathan Phillips. He and his group of drummers walked right up and into the large group of boys, WHILE they were being harassed by black hebrew isrealites

As you can see Phillips inserted himself in the group, singled one of the teens out while banging his drum to provoke a reaction.

(Guy in red hat black coat @ 1:38 says ‘White people go back to Europe’! Well THEY/these “NativeAmerican’s*” can GO BACK TO ASIA, SIBERIA AND WHEREVER ELSE THEY CAME FROM BECAUSE THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A “NATIVE AMERICAN”! They’re descendants of MIGRANTS, JUST LIKE the Europeans who came to America these kids are related to!!)

Will this footage be shared all over social media? Will celebs who were quickly to condemn them take back their words? Will the propagandists at the NY Times, National Review etc issue corrections and apologies for the outright THREATS these boys are subjected to, including from that BEASTLY, unfunny, unhinged, scary version of Ronald McDonald Kathy Griffin, who has called to dox and shame them?

This op can go on and on about what happened in the video, but what’s really going on is the coordination and multiple angled attacks the left engages in after anything is done they do not approve of. These people are militant, unhinged, violent and dangerous, and incredibly hypocritical.

Where were they when this veteran was being harassed?

Oh that’s right, because he was against their position, with regards to Kavanaugh, it’s okay to attack.

The atmosphere we’re in is far worse than it was in early 2017… right before the Alexandria attempted assassination of approx 30 GOP leaders. Far more has happened since then, the left’s rhetoric has multiple times a thousand. The violence has only ratcheted up, pressure continues to build up, where sooner or later SWHTF. These people are going to get someone killed unless something is done to stop this.

Blogger Matt Walsh is calling for some lawsuits, with big payouts to bring the pain to these people, that yours truly has called for over the years. Attorney Robert Barnes has offered to represent the students and go after those now attacking them. Big expensive lawsuits is the game the left has been playing and they need the tables turned on them. If something doesn’t happen to stop this cycle we see play out weekly from the rage mob there will be another and many more Alexandria’s.

The left is driving this nation into an armed conflict whether you want to hear it or not. They’re already at a point where they do not want to have a civil discussion/ debate. They now dictate their opinion/ agenda and either you agree and comply or your dead to them. (IDEOLOGICALLY they sound exactly like islamic jihadists). We already have acts of violence popping up, sooner or later the face-to-face standoff like we saw here is going to result in a bodycount…. it’s inevitable.

*“Native Americans” are no more native to the US as anyone whose family migrated here from Europe, Africa, Asia or anywhere else on this planet. Their ancestors MIGRATED to what is now North America & the United States scientists estimate 13K-25K years ago, not millions as suggested in the above video. Even the “genius” liberal scientists can’t even nail down exactly when they came from EurAsia/ Siberia, but if you pull their DNA that’s what you’ll find. Some will also have DNA matching South America and the Pacific! Fact is to suggest they were here from the beginning of man is 1000% absurd. There are NO 3.2M year old American “Lucy” fossils to give legitimacy to those calling themselves “Native American”. They’re descendants of migrants period.