CNN Wrecked Over Debunked Buzzfeed Story – “Today is a BAD DAY For Us”


Once again the media was made out to be clowns after the feeding frenzy they had over a Buzzfeed “story” that disgraced attorney Michael Cohen claimed Pres Trump instructed him to lie to Congress. In an unprecedented move the Mueller instigation team issued a statement that the story was not accurate! A special counsel has never spoken out like this before issuing their findings. The Enemy of the People spent the entire day theorizing “if it’s true” over how, when, where, why the Pres would be impeached, his family indicted and other flights of fantasy they’ve had since Nov 9th 2016.


Jeffrey Toobin saying “Today is a BAD DAY for us” is an understatement. First rule of journalism is check and double-check your sources. But not these clowns, no no, they along with every major news outlet run with whatever they hear that is potential gotcha on Trump as gospel. These degenerates pushed Buzzfeed’s story as if it was delivered by Moses on a stone tablet chiseled by God! These “news” networks are certifiable steaming piles of shit. NOTHING they put on air should be taken seriously, they’re tabloid trash at this point. Listen to this group they KNOW they’ve been duped, and pushed a bs story. Tater.. Stelter is trying to make like oh it’s on Buzzfeed anyway as if he and this propaganda network played no role in pushing lies! And yes Tater, leftists ARE a bunch of liars.

Newflash the American people already HATE all of you. You can be sure the conspiracists over at MSNBC, and all the other democrat party propagandists are having similar round-table discussions. What they did today, ALL OF THEM not just CNN, through Buzzfeed’s lies, is put the final nails in their coffins.

Anyone having any doubt on the reliability/ credibility of the media would be a fool to listen to one word any of these outlets has to say. The Fourth Estate, which is in complete and total damage control as of today, is the Fifth Column working hand-in-hand with the democrat party. They have one objective destroy Donald Trump, remove him from office, take control over the country and continue obama’s third term through lies and deception fed by the media. Josef Goebbels would be proud of them all for what they’ve done to this country.