Elizabeth Warren: Security Issue and Emergency at the Border is “Fake”


The human trafficking (which incls children being sold as sex slaves), truckloads of illegal drugs that is fueling the opioid epidemic, weapons, communicable diseases not seen in US for years and terrorists groups like Hezbollah and Hamas operating right across the border is all of a sudden “fake” according to socialist Elizabeth Warren.

Warren knows the border is compromised but she’s putting her hate for Trump, and desire for power, ahead of your safety and security. And listen to what she is saying here, as it is most likely how most of the left feels about a literal wall /barrier: they treat it like it’s Trump erecting a monument to himself. They don’t care half the country wants a secure border which means a wall/ fence / barrier. Dems know it has nothing to do with racism or bigotry yet that’s the label they put on the border like they do any argument they can’t win. Warren and co hate the idea of something that will be here years to come that Trump put up which works, especially when it stops their attempts to change US demographics in their favor.

That said, Liz Warren doesn’t care about the US, all she sees is what illegals in the US can do for herself and her radical party seeking money, power and control over all of us. Leftists hate this country, it’s why Warren, like Bernie Sanders and obama, is vowing to transform the country. They can’t do it on their own, they need to flood the country with undocumented voters since US citizens are wise to the games they’re playing.