Liberals Panic ‘Extremely Dangerous’ Ocasio-Cortez Will ‘Hand Presidency Back to Trump’


The very same people who have been praising Rep Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (aka Sandy Cortez) are now in a panic she will get Trump re-elected because she has no idea what she is doing! Cortez and other NY local democrats.. progressives more or less ran Amazon, who was planning on building a second HQ, out of New York City costing the city 25K high-paying jobs, an estimated $3B in tax revenue and the other jobs and businesses that would have come along with this would be massive economic stimulus!

Keep in mind Cortez holds a degree in economics from Boston U, but lacks understanding basic economics on how things work. She and her ilk literally believes the govt was giving Amazon $3B and thought there were better ways to spend the money!! The same GIRL who was bar tending and whining she wouldn’t be able to live on $174K a year in DC is now killing multi-billion dollar deals and making US policy.

Hey Joe, Donny and co, YOU OWN this trainwreck. You put this unqualified idiot in a position of power by never challenging her. She is going to stay in play for the next two years providing the President and GOP all the material they need to run against the democrats and win in 2020.