White House Advisor Destroys Fox News Sunday Host on Trumps Nat’l Emergency Declaration


Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace got destroyed by, White House senior policy advisor, Stephen Miller over when it is appropriate and legal for a president to invoke National Emergency act. Leftists seem to think Trump does not have the legal authority to declare the border crisis a national emergency where Wallace attempted to make the case against. In under a minute Miller explained the facts to Wallace vs his, and majority of progressives, interpretation ruled by their feelings. Frankly, Miller pounced on Wallace for the entire 10 min segment demonstrating how much of a light-weight Wallace really is.


Like it or not POTUS per law PASSED BY CONGRESS has the legal authority to take the necessary action under the Nat’l Emergency Act. Funny NONE of these progressives had a problem when obama invoked it countless times on matters that didnt even concern US national security. Hell they didn’t care in general when he blatantly violating the Constitution to advance his agenda when he couldn’t get any Congressional support.

All the people who said over the years there is a crisis on the border have done a complete 180° when Trump started agreeing and using their language, making it clear he would actually do something. This mess on the border has been going on since 1986. Trump is not about to allow these SOB’s, many who have been in Congress since then, do to him what they did to Pres Reagan.