Pelosi Threatens Future Democrat President Could Use National Emergency on Guns


After a border deal was agreed on Nancy Pelosi was asked about Trump’s response that he will sign the deal but also declare a National Emergency in order to get the funding he needs to build a border wall. Pelosi said the dems may file a legal challenge and that they will review their options. After trivializing the legitimate crisis on the border, with illegals (aka future democrat voters) entering, drugs flowing across fueling the opioid crisis as well as illegal weapons, the Speaker issued a veil threat that a future “democratic president can declare emergencies as well.” She continued by reminding people that Feb 14th is also the 1 year anniversary of the Parkland shooting, stressing there is a gun violence crisis going on right now suggesting that future dem president would take action against guns!


Let’s be clear on what this means, a democrat POTUS invoking National Emergency for gun control, or dems other obsession climate change, doesn’t mean drastic shock an awe event like gun confiscations. There is no provision in the Act for such an action. But what people must be careful of is how dems always do take action that goes around the limits of a law, where they could take a big chunk out of the Second Amendment like ALL the laws they’ve BEEN PASSING over the years chipping 2A away! They’ll find a back door to restrict access, ammo, a way to impose exuberant fees or taxes (this is always an option, they’re practically doing it in CA).

We’re in the post obama age, meaning ANYTHING is possible, BUT the democrats KNOW they dare not take direct action against 2A be it a gun ban or confiscation. They would do something that will hurt people with the hopes of turning weapons into useless paperweights. DON’T SAY IT CAN’T HAPPEN, there are countless states imposing all kinds of regs or outright bans right now, so it is happening the last thing we need is for them to find a backdoor for a major power grab because of a precedent Trump sets now.

Pres Trump would be better off not declaring a National Emergency and instead invoking 10 US Code 284 (b)7 that allows fencing to be built to combat drug trafficking vs declaring Natl Emergency. The law is open-ended where the entire border could be declared a drug trafficking corridor and there’s nothing the dems could do about it!