Disgraced Fmr Dep FBI Director Confirms Soft Coup to Remove Trump


Disgraced Fmr Dep FBI Director Andy McCabe is making the rounds for his new book where he confirmed not only the Deep State DOES EXIST but actors on both sides of the aisle were/are engaged in a soft coup to remove the duly elected President of the United States. Now granted he was busted for lying but this book of his is either a work of fiction OR he’s spilling the beans for a last-ditch CYA attempt. He does come off as the type who would sell out his own to save himself so who knows.

Make no mistake about it there is a clear attempt to undermine will of the voters by people holding high level positions within the govt’s law enforcement and intelligence agencies. The hate these people have for Pres Trump and their belief they are morally superior to decide what is right or wrong for voters is off the charts. There is no other way to describe what they’re doing, from framing Trump as a Russian agent, to conspiring to wire fmr Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein to entrap Trump giving them cause to invoke the 25th Amendment, than calling it a soft coup!

Just keep in mind everything the conspirators charge against Trump with NO PROOF Clinton, DNC, members of the media, fmr obama admin officials etc actually did with regards to colluding with Russia. The dossier used against Trump alone is proof now that we know who paid for and where it came from!

Sad thing about all of this is NOTHING will happen to any of these people:
Hillary Clinton
Loretta Lynch
Rod Rosenstein
Bob Mueller
Jim Comey
Peter Strzok
Lisa Page
Bruce & Nellie Ohr
John Brennan
James Clapper
Chris Steel
Glen Simpson

DO NOT get your hopes up heads will begin to roll now that William Barr has been confirmed as Attorney General. This country IS a Banana Republic, they’re all protected one way or another where as if you or I did a fraction of what they did we would already be in jail!

We’re way past due for Pitchforks And Torches, but Americans that are so upset do not have the guts to do what is necessary….