2020 Dems Endorse Single Payer Health Care That Eliminates Private Insurance


“If you like your health care plan you can’t keep it” is the motto of these radical democrats, led by Bernie Sanders, making it clear they want to control your life from the beginning to the end of your life.

Single payer health plans have been the goals of dems for years, they had hopes of it getting though under obama where he stated it was their end goal during a 2008 fundraiser…

How we get there was the million dollar question, but they found it in 2009-10 when obamacare was passed. It will go down in history as probably the worse piece of legislation ever passed into law, and that was by design. They made it a disaster so it would have to be replaced by…. single payer.

The last thing we want is the govt who can’t even run the DMV or AMTRAK running our healthcare. We already have an idea how it will work out by the nightmare stories we hear from our Veterans who get treatment through the VA. In a nutshell, even after the Trump admin has taken steps to fix it, sucks with a poor level of care.

Air Force veteran, triple amputee, Brian Kolfage is so disgusted with it he is seeking care outside the VA and paying out of his own pocket.

There are many vets who feel the same, and yes some haven’t had bad experiences, but for the most part the negative outweighs the positive. Regardless these democrats DO NOT CARE. Controlling our healthcare is just another level of control over each and every one of us. It’s wealth redistribution, where the level of care we’ll all get will be much worse than it is. There is a reason people in other countries come to the US for care – their govt controlled healthcare sucks.

Hopefully this will wreck these dems chances of moving forward even winning in 2020, BUT there are voters who are clueless who will vote for them anyway.