PA Lawmaker Offers BOUNTY to Dox Pro-Life CHILDREN


That title has it about right vs what’s being posted all over the internet wouldn’t you say?! This is how you confederate democrats want to roll now, doxing CHILDREN, these girls, as well as the young man in the video, who appear in their early teens who are pro-life?

Listen to him, you can hear it in his voice how tanked up he is on adrenaline over some girls protesting Planned Parenthood. His hate for Christians and conservative views is on clear display in this short clip, and he apparently has a habit of harassing women. This man is dangerous.

PA Rep Brian Sims should be removed from office today, but he won’t because democrats NEVER hold their own accountable. Need you be reminded of Virginia’s Gov Ralph Northam, accused of racism, and Lt Gov Justin Fairfax, accused of sexual assault, BOTH still in office? Flip the party, had this been a republican lawmaker threatening to dox children it would be running 24/7 on every single network and front page news in every paper, magazine and progressive run website.

Ret Army Colonel Kurt Schlichter says it best, over and over again, these people on the Left want you enslaved, if not dead.

It doesn’t matter who or how old you are, if you go against the democrat agenda, especially when it comes to their obsession with abortion these people will do everything in their power to destroy you. A grown man calling for children to be identified and harassed is proof of that. What’s even worse are those who are seeking out the girls identities, gladly ready to destroy their lives.

Tell me again the division in this country is nothing to worry about, that we’re not repeating the tension and division of the LATE 1850’s?! A fight is coming, don’t know when, but sooner or later this powder keg is going to blow.