Pelosi: “We Cannot Accept A 2nd Term For Donald Trump”


Nancy Pelosi, like Rep Al Green, has just admitted Trump will win a 2nd term unless the dems interfere with the election by preventing him from being able to run in 2020. They want to continue the Russian Hoax while spinning it with false claims of obstruction, BOTH debunked in the Mueller Report, to justify removing POTUS from office before the election.

The socialist party has nothing to run on at this point. Now that they hold majority in the House they have wasted the last 5 mos showing no end in sight to pushing this nonsense that’s been going on since 2016 vs addressing the nations business. Current roster of DNC candidates platforms are about the same: they hate Trump, he’s evil a Russian asset who must be unseated. They promise to remove the tax cuts, reverse all of Trump’s economic policies, vowing to pass gun control if not outright confiscation while barking identity politics.

The Left is scared to death of Trump, because everything they’ve thrown at him has been proven lies or has zero affect on voters. All they can do at this point is try to keep him off the ballot either through impeachment or as some states, like California are doing, to literally take him off the ballot!