Clapper Has Moment of Honesty Admitting Obama Admin Spied on Trump


Well there is running theory that sooner or later the rats, aka coup conspirators, will begin to jump ship to save themselves and it appears Jim Clapper could be the first one. The Obama admins fmr Dir of National Intelligence had a moment of clarity and honesty telling CNN is Fiction’s Wolf Blitzer the “legal surveillance” on Pres Trump (or whatever the Left calls it this week) ‘meets the dictionary definition of surveillance or spying’.

Now why would the obama admin be spying on Trump? Could it be they knew Hillary was running a lousy campaign and needed her to be elected to lock in his crap “legacy”? Keep in mind obama really didn’t have many legislative victories/ successes in his 8 year reign of terror. Many of his policies were in fact through Executive Orders and Actions that can be easily overridden OR made in stone by the next administration. obama had all the motivation in the world to help Hillary, not to mention the deeper they got with surveilling Trump the more important it became for her to get elected in order to bury everything these corrupt monsters were doing!

Now that Bill Barr is AG and the Mueller Report has flopped the Left is in complete panic mode. This is why dems are attacking Barr, where the House Judiciary voted to hold him in Contempt. They know he is going to investigate how the Russian Hoax was started and who ran it. This is why Clapper is painfully admitting they spied. We know who is behind it all, but we need solid indisputable evidence to prove it all, coupled with what we already have. People should be going to jail for what was done to Trump which is why Clapper is admitting they spied, he’s scared! Give it time, as soon as reality hits of people going to jail, one of them is going to roll on all of them. Clapper is in first place for that now, but time will tell. There are a lot of weasels you know will sing the moment they realize they could be going to jail.