Yes, There is a Constitutional Crisis, BUT…


Democrats day after day take to the cameras and microphones claiming we are in a Constitutional crisis condemning Pres Trump and now AG Barr for doing their jobs. Apparently invoking the law on the books in the name of national security, for example with regards to immigration to following the law by not releasing confidential information publicly are grounds for a “crisis”. It seems every legal action the President and AG take are deemed “illegal” by the opposition party, vowing to destroy this administration.

When you hear democrats cry out Constitutional Crisis it’s the equivalent of crying wolf, their claims are empty and baseless. They keep saying it over and over again to make it true. We do have a Constitutional Crisis not by the actions of Trump or Barr, BUT it’s by the democrat party.

We have a Constitutional Crisis because:
– A coup was attempted by the opposing party, including those in the previous administration as well as individuals in our intelligence agencies, against Donald Trump, ALL because they cannot get over Hillary losing in 2016. The very crimes they accuse Trump of doing, including conspiring with the Russians, the democrat party, obama admin, HRC, media and special interests actually committed! The dems also attack Trump on grounds of obstruction – yes he’s guilty of not going along with their hoax to remove him from office. Firing Comey is within his legal right, as is invoking Executive Privilege, something they had no problem with when obama invoked it all the time.
– The democrat party has held the Attorney General in contempt for doing his job, following the law. Media is not making this clear. By law AG Barr cannot make the full Mueller Report public, it is available for those with security clearance to view in a SCIF. The dems want him jailed, if not removed from office because he will not go along with their scheme to remove Trump from office.
– The border is being overwhelmed by the flow of illegals because democrats (repubs are to blame too) have chosen to do nothing about it. They in fact want the border wide open so the nations demographics can be fundamentally changed. Their intentions are to do the United States what they successfully did in California, producing a state under permanent one party (dem) rule.
Have you seen CA lately? The state is broke, depravity at never seen before levels in major cities, drug use out of control, criminals (citizens and illegals) are given free rein, PC culture has destroyed the state.
– Countless elected leaders are blatantly violating their oath of office “ Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States..” by vowing to disarm law-abiding Americans, violating the Second Amendment. They also violate the First Amendment where their opposition is silenced in one way or another.
Congress as a whole violates the Constitution daily.
– Democrats turn a blind-eye to the repeated acts of violence by their constituents against their opposition (ie YOU aka GOP, conservatives, Trump supporters, TEA Party activists etc) going so far as to blame you for their followers inability to control themselves. Democrats are encouraging violence, rebellion, sedition and insurrection.

This is just the top of the list, democrats are engaged in all kinds of unconstitutional acts DAILY, up to and including making up laws to justify their position (ex collusion)! So when you hear Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Nadler, Wiggy Waters or other democrat confederates carry on about a Constitutional Crisis, they’re actually talking about themselves. That’s what these Leftists do, they blame the other side for criminal acts and corruption they’re actually committing!

What do we do? Short-term, you better get yourself, family, friends, neighbors and co-workers of like-minds out to vote. You have to get active with the schools to community and be prepared to protest. Days of sitting on the sidelines bitching thinking or saying to yourself how mad you are but someone else will do something are over. YOU are that someone else.
Long-term, prepare for the worst hope for the best, a fight is coming.