Biden: Taxpayers Have “Obligation” to Give Healthcare to All Documented or Undocumented immigrants


Joe Biden taking a page from the Sanders/Ocasio-Cortez socialist playbook saying you, the taxpayers, have an “obligation” to give healthcare to all documented or undocumented immigrants!

#1 There is no such thing as an “undocumented immigrant”. Using such language suggests said individuals have legal status to be in the US but their papers are tied up in red-tape, lost, expired (as Joe suggests) or the dog ate them. These people are ILLEGAL ALIENS who have no right to be in America let alone drain our medical system.

Before Joe and the Left ask taxpayers to foot the bill they should be challenged as to how much they’re willing to give of their money to care for illegals (medical, education, housing, food, clothing, spending money) before they ask taxpayers to do so!?

#2 Crazy Joe told an outright LIE about who is here. There are millions of illegal aliens in America who have in fact rushed the gates (“breaking down gates coming across the border”) vs those who are undocumented as a result of an expired visa. And let’s be honest the visa expiring is not a surprise to these people, they know what they’re doing, know they’re violating our laws.

3# Most and most importantly, you cannot offer socialized medicine and have open borders. If you in fact set up such a system/ scenario there’s no way to care for the entire world, because that’s what will happen. People from all over the world will come here seeking free medical care, at YOUR expense. Biden and his ilk KNOW this but they don’t care, because, as this site has argued, the democrats are executing the Cloward-Piven Strategy on a massive scale to collapse the US through illegal immigration.

The US is BROKE people, regardless of the positive economic news you hear we’re still broke. We’re still borrowing money. The national debt continues to climb to levels that are impossible… IMPOSSIBLE to ever pay back. There isn’t enough money/ gold/ oil on the planet to pay off America’s debt!

Biden and his party know this too, but again they don’t care because it’s all tied in with collapsing the US. They think when the dust settles, after blaming conservatives and republicans, they’ll be standing on top of the heap to guide America into a new future.

You’re being warned, so don’t whine or say “no one said anything,” when SHTF.