Eric Swalwell Says the House is on the Road to Impeaching Trump


Eric Swalwell continues living in denial, unwilling to accept Saint Mueller failed to deliver evidence to destroy Donald Trump. The gun-grabbing presidential candidate is obsessed with charging Pres Trump with obstruction even though that too was never proven by the Mueller DOSSIER. He says the House is on the road to impeaching and dismantling Trump, but it’s all talk at this point..


To this day not one democrat has stated unequivocally the crimes Pres Trump allegedly committed to justify being impeached. Collusion as you know is not a crime, so even if it was proven, which Mueller FAILED to do, it’s not a crime. Also keep in mind Clinton and co did far more than what was alleged against Trump, so if he was to go down so would all of those on the left charging him with crimes. But again they never name an actual statute, unlike Hillary who at the least violated 18 US Code § 793(f) Gathering, transmitting or losing defense information. The same argument can be made about charges of obstruction. Swalwell and co keep saying POTUS obstructed but what is the exact crime, firing Comey? That’s within his plenary powers per Article II. Talking about firing Mueller? Trump has done A LOT of talking, but since when is talking about something a crime?

This IS the problem, and it isn’t just on these issues. Almost every claim the dems make are quite open-ended or outright lies. Again collusion was treated like a federal crime, but there NO statutes on the books criminalizing it. They said it’s illegal for Trump to bus illegal aliens to sanctuary cities. Where is the law that states that, because obama did it, yours truly was at the July 2014 protest that made national news in Murrieta, CA over illegals getting bused in. Illegals are being dumped in cities all across the US no one seems to be citing this mysterious law over those are they!?

The American people have had it with this nonsense for over 2.5 years. Hillary LOST get over it, there’s nothing dems can do to undo the 2016 election. So go ahead Eric impeach Trump, do it now, don’t wait another month. It’s time for the Left to put up or shut up. Impeaching Trump will accomplish nothing anyway because no one can name a President who was impeached and removed from office. Aside from impeachment being DOA when it hits the Senate ,the 63,000,000 Americans who put Trump in office WILL NOT ALLOW him to be removed by a bunch of spoiled brats.