AOC: ICE Shouldn’t Target Illegal Aliens

AOC continues her push to see ICE abolished while now calling for the agency to NOT target illegal aliens! Why not? They’re the ones who are here illegally committing crimes (REPEATEDLY) who get sent back only to cross our open border to commit more crimes because they know socialists like AOC are ready and willing to defend them.

AOC says the admin is targeting people they shouldn’t be targeting – how does she know? We have no idea who is coming across the border, and the ones being apprehended in ways the admin is using ICE are not good people. Again for the record illegal aliens have NO RIGHT TO BE IN AMERICA. No one cares what their reasoning is to break our laws. They do not deserve special treatment because the democrat party sees illegals as their gateway to absolute power.

C’mon now let’s be honest the only reason democrats are in favor of illegal immigration is to change demographics of the USA as they did in California which resulted in one party rule. The dems DO NOT care about these people, they’re doing to them what they have been doing to the Black community for decades.

We need ICE to keep the criminal illegals off the streets and all the chaos they drag into the US. This CHILD only sees this from a political angle for social, racial and economic justice. In other words “feelings” vs fact/ rule of law. Once dems get what they want out of illegals they’ll cast to the side moving onto their next target group through which dems see more political power.