Pelosi Refuses to Condemn AOC’s Holocaust Comparison


It would appear that not only is AOC digging herself a hole but so is Nancy Pelosi, two-fold. The Speaker of the House refused to condemn AOC’s holocaust comparison suggesting the detention centers illegal aliens are being held in are the same as nazi concentration/ death camps. In defending AOC and the other freshmen, Pelosi admitted she wasn’t up-to-date on AOC’s statement going so far as to flip the script making it about the GOP and how they deal with Trump’s language. While still having no clue the Speaker… or really dem party spokeswoman said people “will misrepresent anything” suggesting whatever AOC said was taken out of context!

Pelosi has also made it clear AOC and the radicals within the party (Tlaib, Omar, Pressley) are in fact running the democrat party. Had this been anyone else making such an outrageous statement, at any other time, Pelosi would have condemned the individual dem or repub. But Nanzi is so scared of these new radicals, the freshmen, in the party she willfully supports anything they do or say regardless of the damage it does to herself and other “sane” (use that very lightly) party members.

You can end this insanity America come Nov 3rd, 2020. First by re-electing Donald Trump and second by throwing these radicals out of power putting constitutional conservatives in their place who will HELP Trump restore this nation to greatness. There is only so much Trump can do, he cannot fulfill all his campaign promises unless he gets reinforcements in the House and Senate. The ball is in your court, you have 502 days to decide which route you want this country to go….