AOC Defends Claim US is Running Concentration Camps Along Border


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took to Instagram Stories (live video session from her home that went viral), telling her followers that the US govt “is running concentration camps on our southern border”.

The new leader of the socialist party (formerly democrat party) defended her statement in DC claiming the detention centers along the southern border fit the definition of concentration camps, continuing on attacking POTUS and US immigration policies.

She just keeps digging… Hey Chuck and Nancy your silence and lack of condemnation is sending clear message to the US.. YOU OWN HER,

First things first, illegal aliens have no right to be in the US, and they came here by choice. There is and was never a gun to anyone’s head to enter the US illegally..

AOC’s claim is a stunt to sway voters using the most heinous acts committed against humanity to trash and attack the President as well as the GOP and their supporters, staying right in-line with the Left’s narratives the Right are “nazis”.

While the detention centers MAY appear like concentration camps because their inundated with illegal aliens who are OVERWHELMING THE SYSTEM the people are being treated far better than anyone was treated in a WW2 concentration camp. No one is being marched out of trains to the showers to be gassed. Illegals are not having their heads shaved, forced to wear prison uniforms, perform slave labor, being beaten for thrills of their guards. There are no illegal aliens being executed because they looked the wrong way, were in the wrong place at the wrong time, or because someone was having a bad day.

Illegal alien children are being cared for, where Border Agents are acting more like nannies feeding and changing diapers rather than securing our border. Education, food, medical care, clothing, a roof over their head etc are being provided for illegals where as homeless US CITIZENS (incl veterans) live on the streets with none of the benefits illegals are being given at US taxpayers EXPENSE!!

This CHILD serving in the US Congress has no idea what she is talking about. Frankly she epitomizes everything that is wrong the education system, from kindergarten thru college. AOC knows all she has to do is keep telling the lies, make the comparisons to the nazis, because the mindless Left is buying every word.

Alexandra you go right on running your mouth. The blade on that shovel of yours shows no signs of getting dull.

THIS IS THE DEMOCRAT PARTY America. You have 503 days to decide which way you want this country to go. Either support Donald Trump and SEND HIM REINFORCEMENTS IN CONGRESS to set this country right. OR, whine and complain about the Left but sit back come election day allowing the dems to take control of both Houses, and possibly the White House, where this little monster from New York, and the others like her, will be emboldened to finish what obama started.